WorkReady Philadelphia is a cross-sector partnership dedicated to improving the economic outcomes of the region's youth by attracting, aligning and investing resources in youth workforce-development strategies. Each year, WorkReady programs provide thousands of young people with career exposure and preparation opportunities designed to enhance youth understanding and mastery of skills needed to be successful in a 21st century, global economy.

The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) is the managing partner of WorkReady Philadelphia. In this role, PYN staffs and convenes the partnership, which includes employers, schools, community-based organizations, advocacy groups, labor unions and other stakeholders. Additionally, PYN contracts with several dozen, youth-serving organizations to operate a portfolio of programs on behalf of the Philadelphia Council for College and Career Success and Philadelphia Works, Inc.

WorkReady Reports

  • WorkReady 10th Anniversary Report: Commemorate the Past. Celebrate the Present. Commit to the Future.
    The latest WorkReady publication, highlights the essential factors that have contributed to the success of WorkReady Philadelphia over the last decade, presents the latest developments from the 2012-2013 program year, and offers a glimpse of what is ahead.

  • Elements of Success: The WorkReady 2011-2012 Report
    The 2011-2012 WorkReady report shows how each element of the WorkReady community - investors, program models, youth-serving organizations, and young people, themselves - work together to realize successful WorkReady programming.

  • The Bigger Picture: 2010-2011 Report
    This year's annual interactive report shows the bigger picture of the WorkReady system: the dozens of summer and year-round programs that operate under the WorkReady umbrella, and the multitude of stakeholders that make them possible.

  • WorkReady Defined: 2010 Report
    This two-part publication presents dual views of WorkReady Summer 2010—as a collective effort committed to preparing our young people for bright futures in the world of work and as the individual youth experience, revealed through the stories of nine youth participants.

  • More Than A Summer Job:
    This report highlights the major events of WorkReady Summer 2009 and profiles 13 youth that received their 'first break' through WorkReady programs.

  • Youth Voices
    A report that provides 18 first-hand perspectives from participants at ten worksites.

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