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WorkReady Summer

“It's the best way to test out different areas of employment and to see where you might want to focus your education and career later on in life ”

Wilbur C.
Participant | WorkReady Summer 2016

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Summer 2024

If you are 14-24 years old and looking to get paid up to $1000+, apply for a WorkReady summer job with PYN!

A provider under Philadelphia's new Summer Youth Employment system, C2L PHL, WorkReady Summer is PYN's career development program taking place from July-August and providing paid work experiences for youth living in Philadelphia.


Work experiences take place 5 days/week at a designated worksites and offer professional development sessions once a week. WorkReady is for young people looking to explore different career paths, get paid while learning valuable skills, and prepare for their future!


Paid Work Experiences

  • Earn 100+ for participating in a WorkReady Summer job experience!


Professional Development

  • Get critical first job experience, build your resume and learn new professional skillsets


Mentorship Opportunities

  • Connect with trained WorkReady career coaches, mentors and worksite supervisors!

What's New in 2024?

  • This year PYN has transitioned away from its role as the main intermediary organization for the City's general Summer Youth Employment program. 

  • This means WorkReady will have less job opportunities this year! While this may mark a change, it also signals a strategic shift towards maximizing impact.

  • Despite offering fewer opportunities, each experience will be meticulously curated to provide unparalleled growth and development for our city's youth.

  • This year, we're setting the bar higher by prioritizing quality over quantity, offering around 400 crafted internship opportunities tailored to amplify your junior and senior high school experience.

  • What to Expect:
    This summer, PYN will host more than 150 high quality internships through the city's new C2L PHL Summer Jobs system. These paid work experiences will take place at local businesses, offices, and worksites designed to provide comprehensive career development training  across a variety of career sectors.

    In addition to opportunities for paid work, program providers will offer targeted career coaching, financial literacy modules, resume workshops, field trips industry tours and more!  


  • The WorkReady Summer Experience Includes: 

    • 6-12 week career development  hosted at partner organizations and worksites across Philadelphia. 
    • 120 Hours of paid career readiness training - split between classroom and jobsite days. 
    • $11/hr starting wage. 
    • Intermittent classroom and on-site professional development trainings, industry tours, guest speakers, site visits and more

Who is Eligible: 

  • Any young from 14-24  person currently enrolled in a Philadelphia Highschool will be considered for a WorkReady Summer opportunity.



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