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Unlock Potential

UP is a project designed to disrupt the prison pipeline by opening up meaningful career opportunities early-on. A career is a powerful way to create an alternative pathway for young people most at risk of justice-system engagement.

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The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) has partnered with Responsible Business Initiatives for Justice (RBIJ) to launch the Philadelphia chapter of Unlock Potential, a groundbreaking program designed to empower justice-involved youth and young adults.

Unlock Potential (UP) looks to confront economic immobility at the source, providing meaningful paid work experience, jobsite training, mentorship, and opportunities for future careers. helping employers use hiring and other resources to young people who are at-risk the life-chances they deserve.

Launched in 2022, UP brings together major employers to use hiring to disrupt the prison pipeline and empower young people through meaningful, long-term career opportunities.

Through these partnerships between businesses and community groups we will create meaningful, fulfilling, and long- term careers for at-risk and overlooked young people.


Philadelphia Based Partners


Registration for Unlock Potential's Spring 2024 Cohort is now closed. Please check back again soon for the most up to date info and opportunities this fall!

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