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Nerd Street - Summer Intern

Fuel your passion for e-sports and gaming as a Summer Intern at Nerd Street. From assisting in e-sports camps to contributing to marketing efforts, venue preparations, and gaming programs, this internship provides hands-on experience in a fast-growing industry, ideal for gaming enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Assist in creating and implementing e-sports focused summer camps. 

  • Prepare venues for gaming programs and events. 

  • Promote and market NerdStreet's gaming initiatives. 

  • Support educational and childcare aspects of the programs. 

  • Collaborate with the programming team to develop engaging content. 

  • Coordinate logistics for gaming events and activities. 

  • Engage with participants and ensure a positive experience. 

  • Assist in managing equipment and resources. 

  • Contribute creative ideas to enhance the overall program.



Number of Internships:



908 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA

Special Requirements:

Resume, interview, clearances

Industry Areas:

E-Sports, Gaming, Communicaitons + Marketing, Education + Childcare

Preferred Age Range:


Referral Code:


*Remember - you can only apply to one position. Make sure you have looked through all our opportunities before you begin!

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