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Onboarding In Paycom - Wage 

If you are on this webpage it means that you have a critical last step to complete in order to be eligible  for payment through the Philadelphia Youth Network's payroll system, Pyacom. Please read the following instructions carefully and complete all items listed:

Please note! You must complete the following by 7/19 at 5pm in order to be eligible for payment!


Step 1 - Log In to PAYCOM

You should have received an email with from the account with information on how to complete the 2 forms we need! It should look like this:


Search your email inbox for a message from

Step 2 - Complete your W-2 Tax Document


Click Tax Setup to complete your W4 - This is a crucial step!


Step 3 - Complete your I-9 and Handbook Reciept


Click "My Checklists"


Click "Wage Youth"

Once you have completed both your I-9 and Participant handbook receipt you will receive a confirmation email. 

If you have searched your email inbox and you still do not have your welcome email, do not see the correct forms, or are still confused about the process, please contact us below:

Contact us

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