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Fork - Restaurant Porter Intern

Delve into the culinary world and gain hands-on experience as a Restaurant Porter Intern at Fork. Your responsibilities will encompass kitchen maintenance, quality checks, assisting with food deliveries, and exposure to both front-of-house and back-of-house operations, providing a comprehensive view of restaurant management.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintaining cleanliness and organization in the kitchen by washing dishes, prepping food, and sanitizing surfaces. 

  • Assisting with setup and cleanup of dish stations, including dish machines and sinks. 

  • Properly storing and handling kitchenware, equipment, and supplies. 

  • Supporting the culinary team with food prep and other tasks as needed. 

This role is perfect for individuals passionate about food, hospitality, and gaining practical skills in a professional kitchen environment.



Number of Internships:



306 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA

Special Requirements:

Resume, Interview

Industry Areas:


Preferred Age Range:


Referral Code:


*Remember - you can only apply to one position. Make sure you have looked through all our opportunities before you begin!

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