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Building 21 / LaunchPad Philly

Explore diverse career sectors and gain invaluable mentorship opportunities with Building 21 / LaunchPad Philly. This program is designed to provide youth with hands-on experience, career guidance, and exposure to various industries, setting a strong foundation for future professional success and personal growth. 

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Exploring different career sectors through hands-on experiences. 

  • Participating in mentorship and career guidance sessions. 

  • Learning about industry-specific skills and best practices. 

  • Engaging in professional development opportunities. 

  • Contributing to projects and initiatives within the organization.

  • Networking with industry professionals and peers. 

  • Developing leadership and teamwork skills.



Number of Internships:



600 West Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA, USA

Special Requirements:

Resume, Interview

Industry Areas:

IT, Tech, Digital communicaitons, Customer Service

Preferred Age Range:


Referral Code:


*Remember - you can only apply to one position. Make sure you have looked through all our opportunities before you begin!

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