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Bebashi - Food Pantry Assistant

Become a vital part of Bebashi's mission by joining as a Food Pantry Assistant. Your responsibilities will include maintaining the pantry, welcoming visitors, packaging food items, assisting with deliveries, and providing support for the Summer Breakfast/Lunch Program, ensuring the community's nutritional needs are met with care and efficiency. 

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Greet pantry visitors and ensure a positive shopping experience. 

  • Organize and maintain clean and well-stocked shelves.

  • Bag food and ready meals for pantry visitors. 

  • Assist with deliveries from Philabundance to the pantry.

  • Administer the Summer Breakfast/Lunch Program. 

  • Maintain a clean and organized work station. Support pantry staff in daily operations. 

  • Collaborate with volunteers and other team members. 

  • Contribute to creating a healthy food environment for pantry visitors. 

  • Perform other duties as assigned to support pantry operations.



Number of Internships:



1235 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Special Requirements:

Resume, Interview

Industry Areas:

Culinary, Community Engagement, Human Services

Preferred Age Range:


Referral Code:


*Remember - you can only apply to one position. Make sure you have looked through all our opportunities before you begin!

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