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From the field: Youth perspectives on WorkReady summer 2016

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The 2016 WorkReady summer season is quickly coming to a close, so we sat down with some of our WorkReady participants to learn more about their summer experiences and discuss where they see themselves professionally in 10 years. Below is what they had to say.


1. Question: Where are you working this summer?

Aneesah: AECOM

Mariam: Hahnemann Hospital

Nicholai: Philadelphia Shipyard


2. Question: Why do you think early work experiences are important?

Aneesah: Early work experiences are important because they give you a sense of what you want to do for your career.

Mariam: Early work experiences are important because they give you more of an idea of what kind of career and duties fit well with a person.

Nicholai: Early work experiences give us insight on what working at a job for a company will wind up being. Those experiences are valuable.


3. Question: What are you good at that makes you an asset to your job this summer?

Aneesah: I am a hard worker and a team player.

Mariam: I am a very sociable and flexible person. I pick things up quickly, I love speaking to people, and I am always open to trying new things.

Nicholai: I am able to do nearly everything for my job, including writing orders, fixing areas for presentations.


4. Question: In what ways do you hope to grow professionally through this experience?

Aneesah: I would like this experience to open up my eyes to different jobs and industries that are out there.

Mariam: This is my very first job, so, I will learn how to behave in a professional setting, and I hope to gain insight into a day in a hospital, as an aspiring physician, this is important.

Nicholai: I hope to grow professionally by learning how to communicate with my supervisor and fellow staff to improve on customer service.


5. Question: What job do you hope to have 10 years from now?

Aneesah: I hope to be a pediatric orthodontist.

Mariam: I hope to be a dermatologist, doing my residency at University of Penn hospital.

Nicholai: In 10 years, I hope to be a Mechanical Engineer – working on cars or bikes.

PYN Voices
by: Jorden Green
Aug 05, 2016

About Jorden Green:
Jorden Green is the current Communications and Marketing Intern at PYN. In the fall, she will be returning to Penn State University where she is majoring in Communications with a minor in African American Studies.

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