PYN Voices


PYN Voices
by: Jason Alemán | Aug 29, 2016

WorkReady honors young people in a new way with a celebrations bus tour

To celebrate the young people in the WorkReady program this summer, PYN launched the inaugural WorkReady Celebrations Tour. In past years PYN has had the WorkReady Expo, but this year we wanted to give our stakeholders an authentic feel for what our yo... Read More

PYN Voices
by: Megan Briggs | Aug 18, 2016

PYN hosts career shadowing day to highlight opportunities in the nonprofit sector

This summer, during the WorkReady program, PYN offered a job shadowing opportunity on two separate dates in July for the Career Exposure program. This program serves rising 8th graders as a part of WorkReady’s menu of programs. PYN volun... Read More

PYN Voices
by: Lauren MacBride | Jul 29, 2016

The sky’s the limit: A one on one interview with Nasir

Nasir is a rising junior at String Theory High School and current WorkReady summer participant. With four internships under his belt at the age of 17, he’s been adept at navigating the job market while also developing his passion for music. When we deci... Read More

PYN Voices
by: Marci Leveillee | Jul 11, 2016

Five years in the making: The Student Leader program at PYN

Since 2011, the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) has partnered with Bank of America to host Bank of America Student Leaders. To devel... Read More

PYN Voices
by: Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend | Jul 05, 2016

Five things I want young people to learn this summer

This week, the WorkReady Philadelphia summer program kicks off with thousands of young people around the city participating in work experiences focused on developing the skills that they will use no matter what career path they choose in the future. With e... Read More

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