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This indicates that you are currently working with a program partner and cannot financially support a summer work experience, but could host one or more youth at your worksite for the duration of the program. Through a network of providers, the WorkReady program supports subsidized opportunities at small businesses, with 3 to 50 employees or non-profit organizations. For prospective worksites, there are limited opportunities and we will do our best to meet your request but cannot guarantee connection to a program partner.

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Summer Work Experience Information
We ask employers to pay t least $9.00 per hour in order to stay competitive among other youth programs and companies. PYN will follow up with an invoice based on number of positions supported.
(e.g., School District Career and Technical Education programs, specific school partners, target neighborhoods)
Please note that the worksite will be responsible for the cost and coordination of completing these additional clearances.
Worksite Compliance
On July 1, 2015, Governor Tom Wolf signed into law Act 15 (House Bill 1276) which amends Pennsylvania's Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) to clarify the requirements of employers and volunteer-based organizations to provide for criminal background checks and child abuse clearances of their employees and volunteers who work directly with children. The new law outlines responsibilities as they relate to work-based learning programs. Consequentially, all WorkReady worksite supervisors responsible for direct supervision of youth will be required to complete an FBI background check, Child Abuse Clearance, and a Pennsylvania State criminal background check. The Philadelphia Youth Network will cover the costs of all these clearances. You and supervisors at your worksite will receive details to complete these clearances from your WorkReady program representative. By selecting the box below, I understand that I must complete all required clearances, a worksite visit, and the Worksite Agreement Form.
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