Initiative: WorkReady

WorkReady provides valuable work experiences for teens and young adults in Philadelphia

What is WorkReady? Getting an early start on your career

For many young people, the introduction to the world of work can set the tone for the rest of their lives. WorkReady offers young people the chance to work in many different career fields in order to develop the critical skills necessary to grow in an increasingly competitive economy.

Who is WorkReady for? Every young Philadelphian should have the opportunity to succeed

WorkReady helps teens and young adults ages of 12-24 engage in meaningful employment throughout the year. Depending on the opportunity, young people can earn anywhere from $595 to $1,500 for participating.

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The Impact of WorkReady

Services Offered

Summer and School-Year

WorkReady programs provide 6-8 week experiences in the Summer and throughout the school year during and after school-time hours.

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Paid Opportunities

WorkReady programs provide paid opportunities for young people to build skills and gain work experience.

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Skill-building Experiences

WorkReady includes skill-building opportunities for teens and young adults including how to apply for a job, understanding and managing money, building technological skills, developing resumes, learning about careers and industries, and much more.

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Success Story Engaging Employers to Train Tomorrow’s Talent

Employers are vital to the success of our WorkReady program. Last year, even with the economic impacts of the pandemic, our employer partners not only invested $618,500 into WorkReady, they also provided virtual internships, participated in virtual career panels and helped explore new ways to build a local and diverse talent pipeline.

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