FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions



Is PYN hiring?

We are often looking for new talent to join our team! Visit our Careers page to see what positions and internships are currently available at PYN and how to apply.



Is PYN looking for new vendors?

PYN typically procures most vendor partners through RFPs or RFIs. Visit our Partner With Us page to see what current vendor procurements are available and how to apply.
We kindly ask partners otherwise refrain from solicitation.

Note: PYN "vendors" refers to partners contracted to support non-programmatic work (e.g., communications, events, private auditors, etc.). PYN "providers" refers to programmatic and youth-serving organizations partnered or contracted with PYN. Click here for how to become a PYN provider.



How can I stay up to date about what PYN is working on?

Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social – you can find us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or Instagram.



What resources are available to partners?

PYN has done research, created toolkits, and facilitated trainings to serve as a resource to our partners. If you are interested in reading any of our publications, visit our Research and Reports

If you are looking for something specific, visit Partner with Us or reach out to us.



What is an intermediary?

PYN is an intermediary – this means that we act as a connection between employers, program partners, funders, and young people. We do not typically operate programs directly. Instead, we help make programs possible, and we help young people connect to them and benefit from them. Learn more by visiting Our Approach.


Supporting PYN


Why should I donate to PYN?

A donation to PYN directly impacts the lives of teens and young people in Philadelphia! Check out our Donate Page to read testimonials or learn more about our work.



How can I donate?

PYN accepts multiple forms of payment! We use PayPal for all credit card transactions, but also accept check, wire transfer, and more. Visit our Donate Page to explore the options available to you.



Why support summer jobs?

Research shows that summer jobs have many positive impacts on young people, the local community, local businesses and their talent pipeline, and more. Specifically, summer jobs set young people up to earn increased long-term wages, provide job-readiness training, allow young people to contribute to house-hold earnings, and foster diversity and inclusion efforts for local employers. Visit our Donate Page and learn about the Philly Summer Jobs Fund.



Is my contribution tax deductible?

PYN is a registered charitable organization, and donations made are tax deductible. Visit our Donate Page to learn more about our charitable status, including our EIN and most recent tax and financial documents. If you have questions about donating to PYN or acknowledgement for a donation, please contact us.


Partnering with PYN


What is a provider?

A “provider” is PYN’s terminology for a youth-serving organization partnered with or contracted PYN. Providers are often community-based nonprofits; however, providers can also be schools, city departments or agencies, and private companies. To see PYN’s provider network, visit Our Network. If you would like to learn more about becoming a provider with PYN, visit Become a Provider.



How do I become a provider?

Youth-serving providers are the life force of PYN. They support and enhance community-based programs through strategic partnerships with PYN. To see PYN’s provider network, visit Our Network. If you would like to learn more about becoming a provider with PYN, visit Become a Provider.



Can I hire young people?

Yes, you can hire an intern! Contact us to let us know you’re interested. Visit Partner with Us to learn more about the diverse ways in which your company can partner with PYN and our partners.



Can I volunteer with PYN?

Yes! While we do not offer volunteer opportunities to work directly with young people in the field, PYN is always looking for employers to join us for Career Panels or Career Days. If you’d like to join us for a Career Panel or Career Day, fill out this form.



Do you offer services outside of Philadelphia?

Currently, all PYN’s program services are offered in the City of Philadelphia. In the future, we hope to be able to expand.


PYN Program Eligibility 


Do I need a social security number to apply?

Having a social security number helps PYN identify and accurately record your covered wages or self-employment earnings! If you do not have a Social Security Card with your 9-digit number, PYN will also accept a Social Service Record. Learn more.



I live outside of Philadelphia; can I participate in WorkReady or E3?

No. PYN programming currently requires that you provide proof of Philadelphia residency to be able to participate.


PYN Program Enrollment


Do I need to submit an application for WorkReady if I’m already enrolled in E3?

Yes. If an applicant is looking to sign up for a different program, they will have to submit an application and all required documents for that program. Since many programs have different requirements and different program partners, this helps ensure that our application process if fair and equitable.



If I wasn’t selected for a program initially, can I submit another application for a new program?

If you have already started an application for WorkReady or E3 within the recruitment cycle, you do not need to fill out another application. You simply must complete the application using a referral code for a program that is still recruiting applicants.


Placing Teens/Young Adults


How do you place young people in WorkReady or E3 programs?

All young people must go through an application phase to be considered for programming. PYN facilitates the application process and collects vital docs online. Program partners recruit or accept young people into their program based on the number of slots they have available. Young people who do not include a referral code on their application, or who apply to a program that has no more availability, are placed in the general pool. PYN performs QA on all applications to ensure that all documentation is complete and uploaded.



I have 25 kids looking for jobs. Can you place them?

As an intermediary, we connect young people to our partners through programming. If a young person is not enrolled in PYN programming, PYN cannot place that young person into a job. If you would like to become a provider so that we can work with you in the future, visit Become a Provider. If you would like to find opportunities for young people, visit Find an Opportunity.



What other programs are available to young people?

Philadelphia has many opportunities for young people! Visit Find an Opportunity to see some of the many opportunities and programs offered by PYN and our partners.

Still have questions?

If you didn’t find your question here, we still want to hear from you. Let us know how PYN can help you!