07/03/2017: WorkReady Summer Jobs Start Today With a Variety of Unique Experiences

This summer, roughly 7,000 young Philadelphians will work to impact our city, our businesses and our communities

Philadelphia (July 3, 2017) — Recent news has reported that summer jobs for teens are disappearing. But in Philadelphia, that is not the case. Today marks the beginning of WorkReady Summer, a six-week, 120-hour summer work experience for young people, ages 12-21, managed by the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN). Thanks to strong public and private support, WorkReady will provide approximately 7,000 work experiences this summer.

The impact of summer jobs is greater than you’d expect. There are many unique opportunities that benefit our City, our businesses, our communities and our young people. These summer work experiences may look different from the “traditional” summer job. While WorkReady is best known for its internships, it offers a variety of unique experiences that help participants gain professional skills, build networks and learn financial responsibility.

 WorkReady provides a continuum of experiences for participants including:

  • Career exposure to guide rising eighth graders to explore skills and experiences while beginning to build their network
  • Service learning to help address real-world issues, problems, and needs in local to global communities
  • Work experience to explore a desired career path
  • Internships for participants to have exposure to careers otherwise not generally accessible to the teenage population

Through this series of opportunities at worksites across Philadelphia representing various industries, young people gain valuable skills while impacting our City, businesses and communities. Here are a few of the unique opportunities offered:

  • The City of Philadelphia will provide WorkReady opportunities in City Hall and the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation for young people to gain public-sector experience.
  • Philadelphia Mural Arts program transforms places in our community and empowers young artists, while the Cultural Alliance through Bloomberg Philanthropies increases exposure to arts and culture. The Attic Youth Center empowers youth voices around LGBTQ issues through artistic expression.
  • Get HYPE Philly! funded by GlaxoSmithKline, teaches participants about agriculture, health and wellness, helping them ultimately educate members of the community.
  • Business Education Partnership (BEP), a sector-based strategy through the state, helps young people to develop skills through CTE programs including business, finance, information technology and construction trades.
  • Internships at businesses and nonprofit organizations supported by various businesses and philanthropic organizations including Bank of America, Comcast, Drexel University and Lenfest Foundation.

“Today our WorkReady participants will embark upon unique journeys where they will learn, flourish and become a part of Philadelphia’s growing economy,” said Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, President and CEO of PYN. “I want to thank our partners, funders and providers for making an investment in our young people, the future workforce and leaders of Philadelphia.”

WorkReady Philadelphia is a citywide effort made possible by dedicated providers and employers, and blended funding from the public sector including the State and City, and private sector including businesses and philanthropy. Top investors in WorkReady include the City of Philadelphia (Department of Parks and Recreation and Department of Human Services), and Philadelphia Works, Inc. For a full list of WorkReady supporters, visit www.workready.org/#involved.

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