10/14/2020: E³ Services Expand, Offering Greater Support and Access for Philadelphia Youth

E3 offers supportive education, employment and empowerment services to help youth prepare for careers

PHILADELPHIA, PA (October 14, 2020) — The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN), together with the City of Philadelphia Office of Children and Families and Philadelphia Works, launched  expanded E3 services on October 1 to youth and young adults in Philadelphia seeking supports toward the next steps in their career E3 services are now offered in more locations and provide more services for youth, aiming  to be a greater resource to those with the greatest need for support.

E3 services offer customized education, employment and empowerment services to 16-24-year-olds in Philadelphia. E3 also functions as an access point for re-engagement services in Philadelphia, helping young people finish high school or earn an equivalent secondary credential.

E3 services are provided by partner organizations throughout Philadelphia, including:

  • Congreso de Latinos Unidos, serving North Philadelphia
  • Eckerd Connects, serving West Philadelphia
  • JEVS Human Services, offering services throughout Philadelphia
  • Public Health Management Corporation, offering services throughout Philadelphia
  • Temple University, serving North Philadelphia

These services not only offer support toward attaining a high school diploma, but they also help young people plan for their future by providing career preparation, work experience and connections to advanced training and supportive services. National data on unemployment indicates those 16-24 are the most vulnerable to the economic crisis we are facing related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

E3 has been built from 15 years of sustainability with its foundation in the E3 Power Centers, a neighborhood-based approach. The redesigned model will provide a broader array of services to provide personalized support to Philadelphia’s young people as they progress to the next step along their career path. The shift to a service-based approach with a broader network of partners expands the reach of Eservices to young people throughout Philadelphia. It is the hope that with this change, young people will be offered more variety in both the individualized supports needed and locations throughout the city.

“E3 services are needed now more than ever to help Philadelphia’s young people re-engage in their education and planning for careers. The re-imagined E3 services will be able to provide more services in more locations throughout Philadelphia, providing critical support to youth,” said Cynthia Figueroa, Deputy Mayor, Office of Children and Families.

“Expanding services that lead our youth and young adults to a viable career pathway is imperative to our City’s future. They deserve access to every available resource our workforce system has to offer them. When we invest in more opportunities for them, we not only brighten their future, we brighten Philadelphia’s future,” said H. Patrick Clancy, president and CEO at Philadelphia Works.

“We are excited to offer this new opportunity to young people in Philadelphia, especially now,” said Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, president and CEO of PYN. “E3 will help young people realize their full potential and talent, which will be critical as Philadelphia works toward economic recovery and prosperity.”

About E3

E3 provides education, employment and empowerment services for youth and young adults in Philadelphia. E3 services are delivered throughout the city by partner organizations, which provide critical academic skills and employment readiness training to 16-24-year-olds in Philadelphia who are out of school or work. E3 also functions as an access point for re-engagement services in Philadelphia. Building from the foundation of the E3 Power Centers, our work will provide a broader array of services to provide personalized support to Philadelphia’s young people as they progress to the next step along their career path.

About the City of Philadelphia Office of Children and Families

The Office of Children and Families (OCF) aligns the City’s policies, resources, and services for children and families. OCF administers a number of City-supported programs, including Out-of-School Time, WorkReady, Community Schools, PHLPreK and Access Centers. The office also  oversees the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS). For more information, please visit phila.gov/families.

About Philadelphia Works

Philadelphia Works, Inc., the city’s workforce development board, is a non-profit, quasi-public organization serving employers and connecting career seekers to employment and training opportunities. We invest public resources in a variety of workforce solutions that drive economic growth, influence public workforce policies, and optimize funding and resources to build a skilled and thriving workforce. For more information please visit philaworks.org.

About the Philadelphia Youth Network

The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) is a solutions-builder forging together significant players to alleviate a root cause of poverty by preparing 12-24-year-olds to become productive working adults. Our work is grounded in the understanding that young people need access to both education and employment, proven factors in being prepared for a career. With a track record of increasing impact, PYN funds and brokers action with the right partners to collectively address barriers. PYN constructs systems to create change, while innovating to meet evolving needs. Together with our partners, PYN dramatically changes the trajectory of individuals’ lives by giving voice to underserved youth, and ultimately creating a pipeline for an educated, engaged workforce. For more information, visit pyninc.org.

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