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Philadelphia Gas Works

Explore career opportunities in the energy sector with Philadelphia Gas Works. This internship offers industry exposure, career development opportunities, mentorship, and networking prospects, providing a solid foundation for a successful career in the energy industry. 

Responsibilitiies Include: 

  • Explore the energy sector through direct industry exposure. 

  • Participate in site visits, tours, and office activities. 

  • Engage in a dynamic professional development curriculum.

  • Learn from industry professionals and build valuable connections. 

  • Assist in HR and staffing-related tasks.

  • Support communications initiatives. 

  • Gain hands-on experience in a fast-paced environment. 

  • Develop corporate acumen and personal brand.



Number of Internships:



800 W Montgomery Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA

Special Requirements:

Resume, Interview

Industry Areas:

Trades, HR/Staffing, Communicaitons, Hands-On, etc.

Preferred Age Range:


Referral Code:


*Remember - you can only apply to one position. Make sure you have looked through all our opportunities before you begin!

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