Become a Provider: PYN providers offer quality education and employment experiences to Philadelphia’s teens and young adults.

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Servicing the Future of Philadelphia

PYN works with organizations to operate programs that help teens and young adults develop skills that will help them succeed in the future. PYN is frequently seeking providers to partner with on programs. Typically, providers are contracted through public proposals that are posted on our website. To become a trusted provider, stay informed by subscribing to PYN today.

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Trained and Trusted Providers

PYN coaches and develops each of our providers to ensure program quality using a suite of tools, resources and training opportunities so that providers can put all their focus into the only thing that really matters — helping young people.

Benefits to Being a Provider

  • Receive funding to run your program 
  • Professional learning and development support
  • Payroll management
  • Curriculum training
  • Worksite support
  • A network of 80+ other providers  
  • Great publicity 
  • Access to PYN’s city-wide strategies

The Ideal Provider

  • Serves more than 100 young people annually 
  • Meets requirements for federal funding (proof of insurance, tax statements, etc.) 
  • Brings in an annual revenue over $1,500,000
  • Staffs over 25 people year-round 
  • More than 3-years experience operating external programs
  • Located in a PYN-priority zip codes and school district

Providing Opportunities for a Lifetime

Every year, our provider network operates hundreds of programs that service thousands of teens and young adults in Philadelphia. Since our inception, PYN's providers have helped support roughly more than 225,000 opportunities for young people — a number which continues to grow thanks to the dedication of our community-based partners.

A Wide-Range of Diverse Programs

PYN offers citywide and community-based based programs in order to make a positive impact on young people. We also provide a diverse array of work experiences to build programs for every career interest including the arts, community service, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and more.

PYN Initiatives and Opportunities


WorkReady helps teens and young adults engage in meaningful experiences during the summer, school-year, and out of school time.

E³ services help young people take the next step toward a career through comprehensive and individualized support that includes connection to post-secondary education, paid work experience, adult mentorship, career pathway coaching, and more.

Upcoming Opportunities

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Current Provider Procurement Opportunities

  • PYN currently does not have any open procurements for providers, check back soon and sign up below to be notified of future opportunities.

Looking for vendor or consultant opportunities?

In addition to service providers, see what open procurement opportunities PYN has available for vendor or consultant partners.

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Make or find referrals

Join PYN’s partner initiative, Unite Pennsylvania, to easily connect young people and clients to local health, human, and community-based organizations for education, training and broader health and social needs.

Access employers for your young people.

Learn more about PYN’s partner initiative Skilled Career Pathways for Young Talent to close the talent gap and increase employment for Opportunity Youth (young people ages 16-24 who are out of school and work).