PYN Campaigns


A strong backbone and partner is a key to any collective impact effort.

PYN serves as the backbone for two of the city's most comprehensive campaigns, which are driven by cross-sector collaboratives.


A campaign to promote career-connected education.

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Project U-Turn

A campaign to resolve the city's dropout crisis.

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Both campaigns are led by cross-sector partnerships, and aligned with the Philadelphia Council for College and Career Success (Council). The Council is a mayor-appointed group of leading employers, government leaders, foundations, youth-serving organizations and young people. With experience as a strong backbone, PYN’s role is to convene the Council, leverage funding and align campaigns and initiatives. Alongside our partners, we work to advance these campaigns and improve outcome for Philadelphia’s youth.

Together we have accomplished a lot. Collectively, we have worked to:

Surpass funding predictions of the 2014 Summer Jobs Challenge
Maintain the number of Multiple Pathways to Graduation seats
Establish a community of practice for Accelerated High Schools
Advocate on critical education and workforce development policies

PYN works to advance these campaigns and improve outcomes for Philadelphia's youth by doing the following:

Guide vision and strategy

Support aligned activities

Establish shared metrics

Build public will

Advance policy

Mobilize funding

PYN Campaigns
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