The Cause

PYN Cause

We at PYN fundamentally believe that to achieve a future filled with economic growth and opportunity, young people must have access to high-quality experiences that prepare them to meet the needs of the region's and nation's employers.

The Data That Drives Our Cause
  • more than one million youth drop out of school each year

  • youth are out of school and out of work

  • youth are "under-attached:" they have some education and some work experience, but it is very limited
  • young adults are out of school and seeking work

  • of employers cite lack of skills as the main reason for job vacancies

  • of employers report difficulty filling positions

Our Approach

PYN Approach

The Philadelphia Youth Network's (PYN) success in creating opportunities for young people is built on a collective impact model, grounded by intermediary principles and maintained by a successful convening of partners.

Intermediaries stand at the crossroads of opportunities. By connecting schools, investors, public care systems, community based organizations and communities, our role is to make it easier for adults and systems to impact the lives of Philadelphia's young people.

PYN convenes diverse stakeholders - including employers, city agencies, youth-serving organizations, philanthropies and community members –to identify institutional barriers facing young people and build scalable solutions for youth that benefit the entire community.

Our 15 years of experience designing, nurturing and sustaining cross-sector approaches demonstrate its unique, valuable role in improving education and employment outcomes. To that end, we organize our work around four core functions:

Convening and leading cross sector partnerships and initiatives that enhance opportunities available to Philadelphia youth.
Connecting the necessary resources, systems and investments to ensure citywide coordination of youth serving initiatives.
Measuring impact and evaluating progress by collecting and analyzing data, promoting continuous improvement.
Sustaining impact by influencing policy, building public awareness and maximizing the impact of youth serving systems through collective effort.


PYN Impact

Utilizing our collective impact model, we have accomplished a lot alongside our partners Together, we have leveraged funds and increased our impact, particularly in the following areas:

Connecting Youth to the Workforce

Through PYN's role as a managing partner for WorkReady, we have:
  • Connected more than 88,000 youth to career-connected education experiences (including 9,000 supported by the business sector) working with more than 130 high-quality local organizations and 1,000+ cross-sector worksites
  • Incorporated project-based instruction that promotes mastery of academic standards into all of the city's youth workforce programs
  • Developed new tools for assessing 21st century skills gains, in partnership with employers, academic researchers and educators, to quantify and improve program impact

Combating Philadelphia's High School Dropout Rates

Through PYN's role as a managing partner for Project U-Turn, we have:
  • Reconnected more than 10,000 out-of-school youth to education, job training and/or employment
  • Established a coordinated, citywide Re-Engagement Center and eight new pathways to graduation options that serve 3,360 students annually
  • Increased Philadelphia's on-time graduation rate by 13 percentage points (from 52% for the 2002-2003 cohort to 65% for the 2010-11 cohort) and six-year graduation rate by 11 percentage points (from 59% to 70%)
Read more about Project U-Turn's success  

Building the Capacity of Youth-Serving Organizations and Systems

  • Offered more than 15 on-site professional development opportunities, as well as webinars, e-learning resources and technical assistance reaching more than 2,300 practitioners in 2014 alone
  • Hosted Engage 2014, PYN's annual conference for youth service providers
  • Provided technical assistance to organizations seeking to replicate its initiatives statewide (Chester, Pittsburgh) and nationally (Detroit, New Orleans, Arizona and California)


PYN Models

At PYN, we believe there are plenty of good reasons to be optimistic about our city's collective abilities to prepare young people for successful futures.

Our well-established approaches reflect both research and experience and help us achieve our goals. We are the managing partner of several collaborative efforts dedicated to improving educational and economic outcomes for youth including Project U-Turn and WorkReady Philadelphia.


PYN Resources

We know that knowledge is power. At PYN we strive to ensure all of our partners are equipped with the information and data they need to be successful.


Reports and data of interest to practitioners and policy-makers on youth workforce development and related topics.

Worksite Resources
Support Summer Experiences

Would you like to host youth and/or sponsor a summer work experience?

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Worksite Toolkit
This toolkit serves as a comprehensive set of resources for hosting WorkReady participants at your office or workplace. It includes tools and resources, program-specific information, and all the forms and references you'll need to develop a quality work experience.

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Other Ways PYN Can Help

In addition to the resources we have made available throughout this site and the services we provide through our existing grants, we offer training and technical assistance to other organizations, agencies and municipalities across the country and internationally on a fee-for-service basis.

For more information, please call Stephanie Gambone at 267-502-3726 or send her an email.


PYN Partners

At PYN, we see firsthand every day the true power of partnerships.

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