About PYN

About PYN

PYN's Vision:

To alleviate poverty and inequity through education and employment.

The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) is an intermediary organization dedicated to connecting systems and leveraging resources to increase the number of opportunities for youth. PYN has been working for nearly two decades with communities to create coordinated systems which promote the attainment of academic achievement, economic opportunity and personal success. We manage and support large-scale cross-sector initiatives while developing targeted programs to expand access to services for underserved young people.

At PYN, we know that when potential meets opportunity, youth will succeed. We believe in the power of partnerships and the need for collaboration. We have seen firsthand the scale we can accomplish when we work together. And we are committed to continuing this work until all of Philadelphia's young people have the opportunity to succeed.

We design and deliver evidence-informed models to promote these opportunities. And we organize those models into coordinated services and delivery systems that produce results.

Together, with our many partners, a lot has been accomplished to prepare young people to succeed. Still, there is much to be done. Our collective work as a city isn’t complete until we build a system that enable every young person in Philadelphia to access meaningful, career-readiness programming, achieve a secondary credential, and succeed in their post-secondary choice.

We will continue to do this work, because:

studies show that youth who miss out on an early work experience are more likely to experience unemployment in the future and are less likely to achieve higher levels of career attainment.
despite significant increases in the on-time graduation rate, Philadelphia still lags significantly behind state and national averages which are 83% and 86%, respectively.
to achieve a future filled with economic growth and opportunity, young people must have access to high-quality experiences that will prepare them to meet the needs of the region's employers.
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