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Youth Ambassadors

Program model

PYN’s Youth Ambassadors program was conceived and implemented as a means of engaging high-school-aged youth in their own educational and career development while also enabling them to develop leadership skills and provide service to their community. The unique, multifaceted approach of the Youth Ambassador Program was designed to meet a need for:

  • Creative youth-engagement programming
  • Promising youth leaders to serve as beacons of hope and models for their peers
  • Youth voices to inform PYN’s programs and policy work
Designed currently for an annual cohort of roughly thirty (30), high-school-aged youth, Youth Ambassadors embark on serving the community in three ways:
  1. Research — eliciting youth perspectives and feedback (which involves focus groups, surveys and other research methods) in order to advance the interest of their peers
  2. Training — providing community education for various stakeholder -- both young and adults (workshops, symposia and other programs)
  3. Advocacy — engaging with policy-makers (Youth Ambassadors serve on the Mayor-appointed youth policy body known as the Philadelphia Council for College and Career Success). While engaging in these activities, the Youth Ambassadors are also exemplifying the critical importance of having an effective youth engagement strategy.

Youth Eligibility
  • Are currently enrolled in a Philadelphia High School, Accelerated Learning Program, or a GED program. 10th and 11th Grade students are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Have participated in a PYN-affiliated program or initiative
  • Are comfortable speaking in front of student and adult audiences
  • Are in good academic standing at their school or program


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