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Program model: Educational program for out-of-school youth

The GED-to-College model was developed to address two issues that research has revealed about GED recipients: many GED recipients who enroll in higher education do not persist in attaining post-secondary credentials; and the lifetime earnings of GED recipients are more in line with the earnings of high school dropouts than high school graduates.

The model creates a pathway for disconnected youth to earn a secondary credential and supports them through access to and persistence in College. The model targets out-of-school youth ages 17-24 who lack a secondary credential and test at or above the 7th grade level in literacy and numeracy. This model focuses on connecting pre-GED programming to post GED success in college by exposing out-of-school youth to the following:

  • Academic, professional and social-development activities -- including rigorous GED instruction aligned with college readiness standards, post-secondary preparation, career planning and exploration, and opportunities for work experience, internship and training
  • Transition support to post-secondary education and/or employment
  • On-going support to advocate and navigate the social, financial, academic, and bureaucratic challenges they may encounter once matriculated
Upon successful completion of this program, participants will have achieved the following:
  • Increased basic skills
  • Attainment of GED as their secondary credential
  • Successful enrollment in college as their preferred post-secondary placement

During Program Year 2011-2012:
75 youth were served in the GED-to-College program with the following results:
  • 58% demonstrated literacy and numeracy gains
  • 51% attained a credential and 58% secured a post-secondary placement

Youth Eligibility
  • Not in school and lack a secondary credential
  • Ages 17 to 24
  • Test at or above the 7th grade equivalent in literacy and numeracy
  • Desire the GED as their secondary education credential
  • Want to enroll in college upon attainment of the GED
Contracted Provider Organizations
  • District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund
  • Temple University - Center for Social Policy and Community Development
  • YESPhilly

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

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