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E3 Power Centers Referral Form



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Youth's Personal Information

Next Court Date:
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Gender:  Male     Female
*Home Address:
*Phone:  Ex: 123-456-7890

Program Information

*Youth is interested in attending/transferring to the following Center/program: E3 Center City
E3 North (formally E3 Girard)
E3 West
E3 Southwest
Youth is interested in (check all that apply): GED Preparation
Job Readiness Training
Community Service
General Reading/Math Skills-Building
Work Exposure (Internship)
Life Skills Programming


Youth possesses (check all documents that youth currently has in his/her possession): Driver's License or State ID
Social Security Card
Birth Certificate


(e.g. youth has court date coming up quickly, youth only needs Math section of GED, etc.)
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Submitter's Information

*Full Name of Submitter:
*Submitter's Title:
*Submitter's Agency/Office:
*Submitter's Email:
*Submitter's Phone:  Ex: 123-456-7890
Submitter's Fax:  Ex: 123-456-7890

For Center Staff Use Only

This form was completed by the following E3 Center/program on behalf of youth: E3 Center City
E3 North (formerly E3 Girard)
E3 West
E3 Southwest
Referral – court-involved
Referral – NOT court-involved
Transfer – current student


E3 Center City Branch
112 N. Broad Street
12th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Director: Tara Mullen

phone: 267-238-3180

For youth intake ask for Tara or email: tara.mullen@jevs.org
E3 North Branch
2800 N. American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133

Director: Brendan Conlin

phone: 215-763-8870 x7224
fax: 215-291-0408

For youth intake ask for Elizabeth or email: padillael@congreso.net
E3 Southwest Branch
CISP Education Center
5407-09 Grays Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143

Director: Nyne Sellers

phone: 267-299-2513
fax: 215-724-1201

For youth intake ask for Collette or email: cbutler@cisphl.org

E3 West Branch
4111 Lancaster Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Director: Selena Tucker

phone: 215-387-2137
fax: 215-387-2139

For youth intake ask for Erinn or email: erin@phmc.org
1231 North Broad Street
2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Director: Gary Paprocki

phone: 215-769-0340 x233
fax: 215-769-0344

For youth intake ask for Deborah or email: dharris@yesphilly.org



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