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In Philadelphia, our work as a city is not complete until sustainable systems are built that enable every young person in Philadelphia to access meaningful, career-readiness programming, achieve a secondary credential and succeed in their post-secondary choice. Across all sectors, we undertake these tasks together in order to see our young people succeed. Together, we have shown that we are capable of building a brighter, more qualified Philadelphia - a city that is defined by active and productive citizens who are prepared to take their places as the city's next innovators and leaders of tomorrow. Across the city, businesses and individuals can make a significant impact by investing in WorkReady and helping to shape the future workforce of our region. Investing in WorkReady allows you to build a strong community, improve outcomes for young people and increase your bottom line. The benefits are endless, and the impact is timeless. Be part of something spectacular in Philadelphia by committing to join us on this journey.

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